We think you’ll like v2

We’ve been workshopping with a group of Birmingham’s biggest foodies to see what they wanted on the menu for future releases, and we’ve cooked them all up in to v2 of the app, available now for Android and iPhone.

The most requested features were around making the app more social. So now you can like reviews and follow other users. The profile page has been updated so you can see which reviews you’ve liked, and can see who follows you and who you are following. And the feed can now be filtered to just show reviews from people you’ve followed.

Next up on the top requests was adding multiple photos in one go, and not having to crop images to squares. So that’s in v2 too, along with being able to see images full screen and zoom in. And we’ve upped the limit now, so you can add up to 15 photos or videos.

Another big request was being able to add venues when you got home, so you don’t have to take time away from your evening. That’s in too. The app will still need to know you’ve been there to give a good reliability score, but there are easy ways to do that.

There are a whole load more tweaks to the layouts, a quick search, and the ability to filter the map by venue types or tags & cuisines.

We hope you like it!