Birmingham reviews with no bull

Revuie is on a mission to authenticate bar and restaurant reviews. We’re stamping out the fakes and we’re starting with our hometown, Birmingham. Of course, our plan is to conquer the world, but for now we’re inviting everyone to help us crack the greatest city on Earth first.


Please download the app and start reviewing. It’s a really clever bit of kit, but that doesn’t make it complicated to use. On the contrary, it’s a doddle. Here’s how it works…

Who needs a thousand words?

See the real picture

Every review has at least one photo or video, so you can see for yourself what a venue is like. Whether it’s a foodie shot or an interior shot, you’ll see what’s happening.

Cut to the chase

You don’t need to read an essay to work out what’s what. With Revuie, text reviews are optional and short, so you’ll get straight to the good stuff.​

Weed out the fakes

Our ReAl Score makes it easy to see which reviews you can trust. See that lovely orange colour behind the stars, it will glow bright on reviews you can rely on.

How does the ReAl Score work?

All reviews are analysed with the Revuie Algorithm (or ReAl for short) which weighs up things like where a review was created, how photos are uploaded and so on to calculate a reliability rating for the review. Our ReAl Score displays the reviewer’s star rating and an orange background that changes based on the reliability rating. The brighter it is, the more reliable the review.

Celebrate with Revuie city Badges

As you create reviews, you’ll earn Revuie Badges. We’re working with the local community to create and design Badges that will help you discover new venues and celebrate the special places in your city. We’d love to hear any ideas for new Badges, especially as we spread our wings and open up to other cities.

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