Revuie is a new way to look at reviews, making them visual, engaging and credible.

We’ve built Revuie from the ground up to solve the problems that venues experience with other platforms.

Claim your venue and you can….

Edit your details

Add your address, phone number and website details. Add tags so your venue can be more easily found.

Add a photo

Inside or outside, food or drink – add a photo of what makes your venue special to make it stand out.

Why Use Revuie?

Weed out the fakes

Our ReAl Score shows which reviews can be trusted, so trustworthy reviews jump off the page and fakes just fade away.

Showcase your venue

No more long and dull reviews! All reviews have at least one photo or video, and text is optional and short.

Drive engagement

Our Badges encourage people to explore more venues, driving engagement and bringing in new customers.

Getting Started

Add your Venue

First thing’s first, let’s get your venue on Revuie, if it’s not already there!

After you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll want to make a profile and check you’ve got location permissions switched on. Then tap on the Add icon in the nav bar. If you can see your venue there, you can just move to the next step.

If not, tap on Add Venue and enter your venue details. This video will show you how.

Claim your venue

Now head to the venue details page for your venue, and tap on Claim This Venue.

Now, sit back and relax! We’ll be in touch to verify your ownership claim.

Top tip: if there’s no address and phone number set for your venue, then it will speed up verification if you suggest an edit and enter them. It’ll save you time editing it later too!

Manage your venue

Once we’ve verified your claim, you’ll be able to manage your venue. Tap on your profile and you’ll see a widget for you venue below your own reviews and badges. This gives you an easy way to see all the reviews for your venue.

Tap on the cog to access the settings for your venue. You’ll be able to add a venue image, to replace our venue type placeholder and make your venue stand out. You’ll also be able to edit your venue details and make changes.

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