Venue FAQ
Location Tracking & Beacons
What are Revuie Beacons?
Revuie Beacons are small devices that can be placed in venues. These Bluetooth low energy beacons transmit information which contains a unique identifier. The Revuie app listens for Revuie beacons, and when it finds one it records the beacon's unique information along with the time the data was received.

When you place a review, our systems can match whether you have been near any beacons that are registered to the venue and this is part of the data that is used to calculate the reliability rating in our ReAl Score.

The data from Revuie Beacons can give a more reliable indication of whether you have been to a venue than location data, so can lead to higher reliability scores.

Your location settings will control when the app listens for Revuie Beacons.
What Policies are we going to put here?
See venue terms and good tasks to work out what to do!
What can I do for free?
With a free account, you can add a photo to your venue, and edit the details for your venue. Your venue will appear in a widget on your profile page (which only you will be able to see), so you can easily see the latest reviews for your venue.
What can I do with a subscription?
All our subscriptions come with at least one Revuie beacon. Without a beacon, our algorithm has to rely on GPS for a major part of its calculations in working out whether a reviewer has visited your venue. If it's the only option, then GPS is okay, but it can suffer with accuracy problems, especially indoors and in built up areas. With a Revuie beacon, you don't have to worry about GPS accuracy. The beacon transmits a signal that is picked up by the app, and we use to establish whether the reviewer has visited your venue. So our subscriptions give you confidence that only genuine reviews will count towards your star rating, and fakes will be easy to spot.

Your venue will also feature in the Suggested Venues section of our badges, so users will be encouraged to visit to complete badges.

More subscription only features are in development, including responding to reviews, marketing messages and multiple venue photos. These will roll out to all subscribers as they are released.
How many users can I have?
At the moment, we only support one user per venue. We plan to release the ability to add extra users in the future.
What if I have multiple venues or locations?
One user can manage multiple venues, each one appears as a separate widget in your profile, allowing you to manage each one indiviually. Currently, each venue will need it's own subscription. We plan to release multi-venue subscriptions in the future.
What is the minimum contract?
There is no minimum contract. Our subscriptions are charged monthly and if you choose to cancel you won't be charged then next month.
How many beacons do I need?
This depends on the size and shape of your venue, and whether there are any features that may interfere with the beacon signal (like thick concrete pillars). If you have a square or rectangular room, and are able to place the beacon in the centre of one of the walls where it can "see" the whole of the room with no obstructions, then one beacon will be enough, even if the furthest point of the venue from the beacon is 30 metres away. But if there are obstacles, or if you can't place the beacon centrally, then you will need more. Likewise if you have separate rooms then you will need more. An easy way to think about it is to consider where you would put the beacon, and then look at your venue and consider whether there are parts that have major obstructions in the way or are separate rooms. You'll need a beacon for each of these. You can always start with a lower number of beacons, and add to them.
Where should I put the beacons?
Our beacons are round and small - just 53mm diameter - and attach with double sided tape, so you can put them pretty much anywhere. Ideally you'd put them in the centre of a wall, so they have good coverage of the whole venue. You will need to consider security though - they need to be behind a counter, for example, so they can't be easily taken away.