Great New Features

With v1.04 of the Revuie app now heading to the app stores, here’s a quick look at the new features we’ve introduced – along with the usual bug squishing!

Share your review on social
You can already your progress on badges (for bragging rights, of course!) and venues (to suggest a meet up with your mates).

Now with v1.04 it’s really easy to share your reviews to. We take the main photo from your review (the first one you upload) and add in your username and photo, the venue name and the ReAl Score – with your star rating and hopefully a glorious bright orange background.

Just after you add a review, you’ll get the opportunity to share on Instagram, Facebook and other channels.

If you don’t do it there and then, you can also share your own reviews from the triple dot icon.

See your badge progress
You can always see your badge progress from your profile, and check in on which reviews got you there.

But now it’s even easier! On the screen that pops up after you’ve made a review, you see badges that you’ve completed or made progress on with that review, and you can tap straight through to see more.

Additional venue types
Some times one venue type just isn’t enough! Now you can add additional venue types. So if your favourite spot is a bar with a restaurant on the side that also does takeaways, you can now do it justice. You’ll still need to pick one as the main type, but you can add additional types too when you create a venue or suggest an edit.

For badges that depend on a venue type it’s only the main type that counts. But additional types will come up search results to help other app users find exactly what they need.